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As a community health educator, I am inspired by the opportunity to come together and discuss topics related to our bodies, reproductive justice + holistic wellness. I teach classes both locally and regionally, online and in person. 


FAM 101
FAM 101
Learn the ins and outs of a holistic approach to reproductive autonomy for both achieving and avoiding pregnancy
Feb 13, 2022, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST


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A unique workshop about bodies, language, reproductive autonomy, and harnessing the intuitive power of our cycles. Together we will explore how body literacy and cycle awareness offers tools to inform our overall health and wellbeing, how our cycles can inform our social and professional lives, and how reacquainting ourselves with our cyclical expressions can enhance our authenticity and tap our unlimited potential.


In this workshop, we will:

  • cover everything you wish you would have learned in your middle school health class (formatted for open-hearted adult learning with appropriately crass language and anatomically correct terminology)

  • rewrite the stories that our social and cultural upbringing has imprinted on us

  • practice cycle mapping to bring our social and professional lives into deeper cyclical alignment!

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Are you curious about learning a sympto-thermal Fertility Awareness Method? Whether you're shifting away from conventional birth control and wanting a non-hormonal contraceptive method, or you're excited to conceive and preparing for pregnancy, this class will cover the in's and out's of your fertility and help to enhance your reproductive autonomy.


Learning the Justisse Method:

  • helps you accurately identify ovulation

  • allows you to determine your fertile and infertile days with confidence

  • provides a barometer for your overall health (thyroid function, food sensitivities, stress management, cervical health)

  • translates the language of your body and deepens your own relationship

Class Topics

  • Basic anatomy and physiology of the phenotypically male + female bodies

  • Expected parameters of the menstrual cycle (what's "normal")

  • How to assess your fertility and chart with the Justisse Method

All classes and topics strive to be inclusive regarding gender identity, sexual orientation, race, and ability. All classes are hosted at handicap accessible locations unless otherwise noted. Many classes are offered at a self-determined sliding scale - your integrity offers an opportunity for equity amongst our greater community. 


Most of my workshops address topics related to bodies, sexuality, and reproductive health. It is my intention to consciously create brave spaces when hosting these classes and encourage all participants to enter the space with compassion and confidentiality in mind.


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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