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Preconception Planning Session (45 min)

This session is meant for individuals who plan to try to conceive within 3-12 months or those who have been trying to conceive for less than 6 months. In this 45-minute planning session we will uncover the most important elements to optimizing conception unique to you and your partner's health history:


  • learn how to optimize conception for your body

  • learn how to track signs of fertility

  • explore the benefits and limitations of blood tests to help rule out hormonal dysfunctions

  • uncover the essential micronutrients for robust male and female reproductive health

  • for those coming off of hormonal contraceptives, learn what to expect and how to reestablish vibrant endocrine health

  • explore the importance of male factor fertility

  • inform and normalize the process of TTC

  • integrate lifestyle factors to increase fertility


When you buy this product you will be able to download the intake form. You can fill this form out and send it back to me via email before our first session. Questions about scheduling this session or curious about any other service I provide? Let's connect

Preconception Planning Session (45 min)

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