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Herbal Support Package
  • Herbal health consultation to ensure that you're giving your body and your baby the best support & nourishment


  • 3-month supply of prenatal tea  (highly nutritive for both you and your baby, tonifying and strengthening your uterus to prepare for a healthier birth) OR a custom blend to support your body's needs


  • 4 oz. Mama's Belly Balm (rejuvenate, pamper and smooth your skin)


  • 4 oz. Baby’s Booty Balm (protect baby's bottom while soothing with anti-microbial oils)


  • 1 oz. Herbal Sitz Spray (soothe and cleanse your nether-regions with a pain relieving and anti-microbial herbal spray)


  • 1 oz. Baby Oil (a safe and all-natural infused oil to soothe and calm baby after bathing or changing)


  • 1 oz. Calming Chamomile Extract (a glycerine-based extract to ease digestion and teething woes)


  • 3 month supply of postpartum tea (nourishing lactation tea) OR an herbal blend of your choice to help your body find its balance as a new mother

Herbal Support Package

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