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4 Month Charting Sessions

Learn the Justisse Fertility Awareness Method over a span of 4 months with 6 individualized coaching sessions in person (limited to Ithaca, NY area) or online via video conference. Charts, stickers, thermometer, and a Justisse Method User Guide are all included! Prefer to chart with an app? I've got you covered with a free 3 month subscription to the Read Your Body app! Week one (2 hours) we'll focus on body literacy, cycle awareness, and learning the in's and out's of the Justisse Method. Then, for the next 15 weeks we'll schedule follow-up sessions (30-60 minutes) to review your current chart, answer your questions, create a holistic wellness plan, and increase your confidence with the method. The first four (4) sessions will be held bi-monthly as you learn how to chart, while the last two (2) sessions will be held once monthly as you confidently chart your cycle independently.


Monthly payment plans ($100/month for 4 months) are available. Email Darcie to reserve your spot and set up your payment plan today!

4 Month Charting Sessions

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