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Immune Boosting Chai

There’s nothing quite like sipping a warm, spiced tea in the middle of the winter. I began making this chai recipe about 4 years ago when I wanted a spiced tea that had a little more oomph. I was experimenting with using immune supporting herbs in my soups and I developed a great affinity for astragalus (more to come on that story later). It then occurred to me that its smooth, yet earthy, flavor would be a perfect addition to a spiced chai blend!

I’ve been making this recipe and have sold it locally for years. It’s been a favorite, so I thought that I’d share the recipe here for others to enjoy! You simply add each ingredient into a bowl, mix thoroughly, and use 1 tablespoon per cup. You’ll want to add the herbs to the water (or milk of choice…there were a few years that I would use this blend with a chocolate hemp milk as a decadent spiced coco), and allow the herbs to simmer in this liquid on low for 10-15 minutes.

As always, I encourage you to consult your practitioner when integrating herbal medicine into your everyday life and to speak with a trained herbalist or naturopath if you’re pregnant, nursing or taking medications. I also recommend that you to do a little research and see if you have any herbal apothecaries or natural food stores in your region. These are often the best places to find herbs in bulk. If you can’t find one of these sources locally, you can purchase herbs online from reputable companies like Healing Spirits Herb Farm, Star West Botanicals or Mountain Rose Herbs.

Immune-Boosting Chai

1 part Burdock root

¾ part Roobios

¾ part Cardamom

½ part Astragalus root

½ part Orange peel

½ part Ginger root

½ part Cinnamon sticks or chips (less if powder)

¼ part Clove

¼ part Allspice

1/8 part peppercorn

I encourage you to get creative and follow your intuition with this recipe. Want to substitute or add something else? Try this recipe with just water, add milk, add a sweetener, or even cocao…the possibilities are endless!

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