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Mar 26, 2024 - Aug 11, 2024

Decode Your Cycle - 12 week hormonal health program


Decode Your Cycle is a 12 week program designed to build your confidence (and competence) in understanding your hormones to: - Interpret the language of your body and the messages it’s giving you - Implement holistic strategies to support hormonal health - Use a non-hormonal contraceptive method (even if you have wonky cycles) - Optimize your fertility now + in the future Basically, it's the health class you wish you had in high school, mixed with straight-talk you’d only get from your best friend, all wrapped up in a hybrid 12 week course breaking things down to the basics so that we can dive in deep and see measurable results! Included in the program are 12 weekly video modules, a Slack community page to connect and ask questions, 3 live "Ask Me Anything" sessions to discuss the content and your charts in real time, and access to 3 months free using the Read Your Body app or printable paper charts! Throughout the 12 weeks we will explore the following topics: Module 1 - Intro + Cycle Awareness Module 2 - Anatomy + Physiology Module 3 - Energetics of the Menstrual Cycle Module 4 - Using the Justisse Fertility Awareness Method Module 5 - Parameters of the Menstrual Cycle Module 6 - Applying the Fertility Awareness Method for Contraception or Conception goals Module 7 - Comprehensive Exploration of Cervical Mucus Module 8 - The In's and Out's of Basal Body Temperature Tracking Module 9 - Hormone Metabolism Module 10 - Holistic Approaches to PMS Module 11 - Strategic Nutritional Support Module 12 - Hormone Testing: When, Why and How

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